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5 Tips for Independant Retailers

Whether operating  a small independent business or a franchise of a national chain,  all business owners face the same challenges : getting more customers and spending less to do so. Here are 5 tips that can help : Be a good neighbour :…

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5 Tips for Real Estate Accounting

Our VP of finance, Holly Simmonds, has put together 5 tips  for real estate owners  or their accountants to keep in mind: GST/QST – With the 2015 change in GST QST requirements for co-ownerships and joint ventures, the government has…

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Thinking Beyond Main Street

In real estate we have been taught from the very beginning: Location, location, location. Large and small businesses flock to popular commercial arteries and busy street corners. These locations offer increased visibility and potentially higher traffic counts. They also come…

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Bursting with Tech Upgrades

In 1980-something, we purchased our first property management software, “Minicom”.  One of the first to implement the system in Montreal, we were trendsetters at the time, or so we thought.  Gone were the days of manually recording rent payments on…

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4 Tips for ICSC

Another ICSC is upon us. Here’s a few quick reminders that might just help make this ICSC that much more productive for you. Plan ahead: as many of us know the ICSC is a bustling and busy place. Nothing helps…

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Bear: a dog on a mission

Dog therapy - Mandevco

“A dog can never tell you what she knows from the smells of the world, but you know, watching her, that you know almost nothing.” –Mary Oliver, Dog Songs Jennifer Croll Wolfe, Head of HR Mandevco Properties has had a…

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Investing in redevelopment

Mandevco Properties Inc is entering its fiftieth year of property development and ownership, yet we came from humble beginnings; our first development project, completed in 1966, was a small building on St Hubert St. in Montreal. Not many would have…

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