Property Development

Property Development

Mandevco is widely recognized for its innovation in pioneering private and public partnerships with brokers and investors. Our property development teams are a collaboration of professionals who are leaders in navigating efficiently and effectively through each of the many phases of the development process, from design, to construction and delivery.

Our property development specialists have the ability to dream the possibilities of a site while having the experience and discipline to ensure that the dream becomes reality by the target date and within budget.

Our teams are able to cultivate viable residential, commercial and industrial complexes on existing properties, as well as from development sites.

Mandevco Development Services include:

  • supporting the development of architectural plans and supervision of construction
  • identifying and securing of major tenants trough lease negociations
  • oversight of all zoning, permits and environmental matters
  • site acquisition and evaluation of financial viability and potential return
  • property management & administration

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